WooCommerce Statistics (How Many Websites Use WooCommerce?)


Are you searching for in-depth WooCommerce statistics to see just how powerful this open-source WordPress plugin is?

Even though we’ve used it several times and written about its related themes, plugins and extensions multiple times, we were still impressed by how vast WooCommerce is.

That’s what made curating these statistics even more exciting.

It’s the leading eCommerce solution for WordPress with everything necessary to run an eCommerce website, small or large, without experience.

This statistical roundup reveals how many websites use WooCommerce, its market share, popularity by country, and more.

Let’s dive right into it.

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Quick history lesson: WooCommerce was released in 2011 by the original authors, Mike Jolley and James Koster.

The fame quickly skyrocketed because of how powerful and flexible the free version is. And then, in 2015, WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

Source: Wikipedia

WooCommerce Statistics (Our Top Picks)

  • 6.3 million websites globally use the WooCommerce plugin
  • Most WooCommerce sites are in the United States (2.8+ million)
  • There are 5,300+ Woo stores selling more than 20,000 products
  • WooCommerce is the largest eCommerce platform, with a 39% market share
  • WooCommece made $20+ billion in sales in 2020
  • You can choose between 4,600+ free and 1,400+ premium WooCommerce plugins
  • ThemeForest has 1,400+ premium and WordPress.org has 1,600+ free themes
  • The most popular free theme is Astra and the premium is Flatsome
  • The WooCommece plugin is available in 67 languages
  • Historically, the plugin was downloaded 239+ million times on WordPress.org

How Many WooCommerce Websites Are There

The total number of live websites with the WooCommerce plugin installed globally is 6.3 million. However, if we look at historical data, Built With reports 13.6 million sites.

However, based on W3Techs, which says that WooCommerce is used by 8.6% of all websites, which makes a total of 161.6 million websites. (If we look at website statistics, saying there are 1.88 billion sites online.)

The country with the most WooCommerce sites is the United States, followed by the United Kingdom and Germany.

Number Of WooCommerce Websites By Country

These are the top ten countries with the most live WooCommerce pages.

CountryNumber of websitesUnited States2,800,000+United Kingdom270,000+Germany179,000+Italy165,000+France159,000+Brazil151,000+Netherlands150,000+India148,000+Russia135,000+Australia134,000+
WooCommerce websites by to ten countries

Of all the websites in the world, 8.6% use WooCommerce. In comparison, WordPress powers a whopping 43%+ of all websites (and it keeps growing in popularity).

We also recommend checking WordPress statistics to comprehend its massiveness.

Number Of WooCommerce Websites Based On The Number Of Products

If you’ve ever wondered how many (and if any) WooCommerce sites with 20K, 10K and 5K products are there, here you go. Surprisingly, there are more stores with 20K items than 10K.

Number of productsNumber of websites20,0005,300+10,0004,000+5,0007,000+1,00036,000+50039,000+
WooCommerce websites based on products

And yes, WooCommerce can handle 50,000 and even 100,000+ products.

Also, there are a whopping 480,000+ websites with ten products, which shows that smaller websites are a lot more popular than larger ones – but that’s obvious because it’s way easier to build a 10-product store than a 10K-product store.

Here are five great examples of large websites using WooCommerce as their eCommerce solution.

  • ClickBank (4.1 million visitors per month, Feb 2023)
  • Book Riot (3.8 million visitors per month, Feb 2023)
  • Farmers’ Almanac (1.7 million visitors per month, Feb 2023)
  • Craftsy (1.8 million visitors per month, Feb 2023)
  • Foundry (292K visitors per month, Feb 2023)

But you may also be interested in our list of the best WooCommerce examples if you want to get inspired.

Source: Built With, W3Techs

WooCommerce Market Share

WooCommerce is the largest eCommerce platform in the world, with a market share of 39%. This goes without surprise because of how immense WordPress is.

The second largest in the field is Squarespace Online Stores at 14.95%, and the third is Woo Themes (14.67%). We also found a comparison between WooCommerce and Shopify, which you can see below.

You may also be interested in our in-depth Shopify statistics.

How Many WordPress Sites Use WooCommerce

Out of all the WordPress websites, 20.2% use WooCommerce. If we take 1.88 billion as the total number of live sites, WordPress’s are 812,1 million; out of these, 164 million have WooCommerce installed. (These are rough calculations.)

How Many Top 1 Million eCommerce Websites Use WooCommerce

If we look at the top one million stores, 23% use WooCommrce. Other popular solutions are Shopify, Magento, Wix Stores, and others. The chart below shows that WooCommerce is the most popular option for eCommerce websites, but that’s something you already know.

Moreover, if we look at the top 100K eCommerce websites, Shopify leads at 19%, followed by WooCommerce (12%) and Magento (7%).

How Many Total Websites Use WooCommerce

If we use W3Techs’ estimate that 8.6% of all websites use WooCommerce and there are 1.88 billion sites, then there are 161.6 million of them.

Is WooCommerce Bigger Than Shopify?

Yes, WooCommerce is bigger than Shopify. According to Built With, 28% of the top one million websites use WooCommerce, and “only” 20% are Shopify.

Source: Statista, W3Techs, Barn2, Built With

WooCommerce Financial Statistics

WooCommerce Income

It was reported (by Matt Mullenweg) that WooCommece made over $20 billion in sales in 2020, twice as much as the year before.

Furthermore, WooCommerce stores had an estimated $11.8 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) in 2019.

Where Does WooCommerce’s Revenue Come From?

Even though WooCommerce is free, it still has a lot of extensions, themes and other solutions that are payable.

For instance, themes cost around $79 per year, and plugins can go even up to $299 annually.

Plus, fees apply to WooCommerce Payments, which means the company makes a percentage of every sale that every WooCommerce store makes. Yup, that’s a lot of sales, which translates to A LOT of fees.

Remember, the free WooCommerce Payments plugin has 500,000+ active installations, which tells more than enough.

WooCommerce Website Statistics

Now let’s take a peek at what’s the status of the official, WooCommerce.com website in terms of traffic, demographic, traffic sources, etc.

Monthly Traffic

According to the monthly traffic volume, SimilarWeb ranks WooCommerce as the 24,944th largest website in the world. In February, the website received 2.6 million visitors, which is a 4.96% decrease compared to January.

MonthMonthly trafficDecember 20222.5 millionJanuary 20232.7 millionFebruary 20232.6 million
WooCommerce.com monthly traffic

An average visitor visits three pages and stays on the website for three minutes and thirty seconds.

Audience Demographics

The male population is a lot larger (more than two times) compared to the female audience, which is somewhat expected.

  • 67.25% male
  • 32.75% female

Moreover, WooCommerce.com’s top countries are the United States (13.83%), India (6.15%), Brazil (4.47%), the United Kingdom (4.3%) and France (3.58%).

Age Distribution

The most common age group is between ages 25 and 34, which is something we saw on other tech companies’ websites, too.

  • 18-24 (37.72%)
  • 25-34 (20.70%)
  • 35-44 (21.86%)
  • 45-54 (11%)
  • 55-64 (5.66%)
  • 65+ (3.06%)

What’s more, WooCommerce visitors are most interested in niches like computer electronics, web hosting, graphic and web design and developer software.

WooCommerce.com Traffic Sources

More than half of all the traffic to the plugin’s official website comes from organic search (which is mainly traffic from Google). The second largest source is direct traffic and then referrals.

  • Organic search (52.26%)
  • Direct (26.45%)
  • Referrals (15.16%)
  • Social (3.13%)
  • Paid search (2.13%)
  • Mail (0.80%)
  • Display (0.07%)

As far as social traffic goes, 69.22% of all is Facebook, then YouTube (14.23%) and on third Pinterest (8.11%).

Top-Level Domains Using WooCommerce

Because the commercial domain is one of the top-level domains that’s been around the longest, it’s also the most common amongst WooCommerce websites.

  • .com 55.5%
  • . co.uk 3.1%
  • .org 2.5%

Source: SimilarWeb

WooCommerce Plugins Statistics

WooCommerce is one of the largest WordPress plugins ever released, with thousands of accompanying plugins and extensions to add new features and functions to any eCommerce website.

WooCommerce has 5+ million active installations on WordPress.org, which is just a fraction of the total number of downloads (239+ million!).

In terms of competition, Woo doesn’t really have any because all other solutions are much smaller and not really recommended unless you need something specific, like selling digital downloads (then go with a WordPress plugin for selling digital products, like Easy Digital Downloads plugin).

Even today, WooCommece still receives tens of thousands of downloads daily, with spike days reaching nearly 1.2 million/day. But the biggest spike day was July 15th, 2021 – 3,952,000+ downloads!

Fun fact #1: The plugin is available in 67 languages.

Fun fact #2: Out of 4,061 reviews, 3,362 are five-star ratings.

It has 1.2K contributors on GitHub

If we look at WooCommerce’s GitHub repository, it has 1,200+ contributors and 51,000+ commits at the time of writing this. Additionally, it has 530+ branches and 390+ releases.

New contributors and commits are growing daily, which tells us that Woo’s vastness is neverending.

How Many WooCommerce Plugins Are There

Free plugins

When it comes to figuring out how many free WooCommerce-related plugins are there on WordPress.org, it gets pretty challenging.

You won’t find the number on the WordPress repository, but you can get an estimate by accessing the plugins section from your WordPress admin.

If you go to Plugins, then choose “tag” from the drop-down and type in WooCommerce, it’ll showcase the number 4,600+. These are all the plugins that have the WooCommerce tag. (If someone added a tag just for the sake of getting more visitors, that’s beyond our control.)

Premium plugins

We will take CodeCanyon as a reference because it’s one of the largest resources of WooCommerce plugins – there are 1,400+.

Don’t forget our selection of the best WooCommerce plugins that’ll enhance any eCommerce site.

How Many Official WooCommerce Plugins Are There

The official WooCommerce.com website also has an extensions/plugin store offering 800+ free and premium tools. And there are 60+ exclusively developed by Woo.

Friendly tip: There’s a Woo plugin for everything, so don’t install too many. Only use the necessary and remove all the rest to avoid unnecessary bloat.

WooCommerce Themes Statistics

There are thousands of free and premium themes out there optimized for WooCommerce, allowing you to build an eCommerce website extremely fast.

How Many Premium WooCommerce Themes Are There

ThemeForest, one of our favorite theme marketplaces, has a collection of 1,400+ WooCommerce themes.

(Compared to some old stats, this number actually decreased, which is a surprising fact. But this has nothing to do with WooCommerce “dying out.” Which it isn’t!)

If you need help picking the right design, then we have the ultimate WooCommerce themes ready for you.

How Many Free WooCommerce Themes Are There

WordPress.org has 1,600+ free Woo themes when we’re curating these statistics for you.

Finding free themes is way easier than finding plugins. When you type the search query, the platform automatically displays the themes with the total number.

Remember, there are also 75+ free and paid themes in the official WooCommerce store and many more on other marketplaces and theme shops.

Note: Check out our collection of the best free WooCommerce themes.

The three most popular WooCommerce themes are Astra, which is a free one, Flatsome and Divi. There are 9.4% of all WooCommerce websites that use Astra, 7% use Flatsome and 5.9% Divi.

ThemeNumber of WooCommerce storesAstra375,000+Flatsome281,000+Divi236,000+Hello155,000+
Most popular WooCommerce themes

popular WooCommerce theme market share

How Much Does It Cost To Run A WooCommerce Store?

Here’s one of the most budget-friendly approaches to running a simple online store. Remember, the exact cost is individual for every WooCommerce store, but everyone can start with a few $100.

  • WordPress and WooCommerce installation is free.
  • Hosting (ex., Bluehost) costs approximately $120 per year.
  • A domain name is around $15 per year.
  • You can opt for a free theme and install only free plugins (this can work when you’re only starting and for stores with few products).
  • (But really, you will need to get some premium plugins – and they will also make the store look more pro – which may cost a couple of $100s.)
  • Transaction fees (US example: You pay 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction).

Other WooCommerce Stats

  • The most used social media platform amongst WooCommerce stores is Facebook (42.4%), then Instagram (37.4%) and then YouTube (12.2%).
  • Email (54%) and phone (53%) communications are the most popular among merchants.
  • Merchants tend to sell apparel (6%) and home and garden (6%) products the most. The third and fourth most popular categories are food and drink and business and industrial.
  • The top five WooCommerce apps are MailChimp for Woocommerce, PayPal Payments, WooCommerce Product Blocks, WooCommerce Subscriptions and Square for WooCommerce.
  • The majority of Woo stores have anywhere from one to nine employees. And there are 500+ stores with 5,000+ employees.
  • Some of the most common technologies used by merchants are Yoast, Google Tag Manager, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA.
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail and Australia Post are the five top shipping carriers.
  • Users of Custom Cart will more likely than not switch to WooCommerce.
  • Of those who decide to leave WooCommerce, most transition to Shopify.

Source: Store Leads, GitHub

Final Thoughts

Now, that was one hell of a ride, learning tons of new WooCommerce statistics.

Because it is owned by the company that runs WordPress (Automattic), it’s expected that WooCommerce will be one of the largest eCommerce solutions. Which it is!

With tens of thousands of downloads daily, WooCommerce keeps growing in popularity. Small and large eCommerce business owners love it because of its simplicity and amazing flexibility and extendability.

Whether selling one or ten thousand products, Woo can handle them all and then some.

Are you using WooCommerce? Or are you considering switching to Woo from a different eCommerce platform (why?)? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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