Laravel 8 – Review and Hosting services


Laravel 8 is finally released and here are some of the many goodies we look forward to: Jetstream, Tailwind, Livewire

Laravel Jetstream & Livewire

Laravel Jetstream is is a beautifully designed open-source package with application scaffolding.

It works by providing the perfect starting point for your next project and includes simplistic yet recognizable dynamic interfaces via Livewire such as login, registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, API support via Laravel Sanctum.

Laravel Jetstream is not only designed using Tailwind CSS and offers your choice of Livewire or Inertia scaffolding it also replaces and improves upon the legacy authentication UI scaffolding available for previous versions of Laravel.

Routing Namespace Updates

In previous releases of Laravel, the RouteServiceProvider contained a $namespace property.

protected $namespace = ‘AppHttpControllers’;

In Laravel 8.x, this property is null by default meaning that no automatic namespace prefixing will be done by Laravel.

This hard-coded value will be removed so that you have full control over namespaces, this will not affect the upgrade process.

Artisan serve Improvements

As we all know artisan is the backbone of any Laravel application with the newest update it has been tweaked, before after a serve command had to be manually stopped and restarted while now it has been improved with automatic reloading when environment variable changes are detected within your local .env file.

Tailwind Pagination Views

With the highly customization based and low-level framework TailwindCSS you would get all the building blocks needed to set designs without the annoyance of sweating to overwrite existing styles.

Now it is set to be the Laravel8x default paginator, with of course keeping the bootstrap 3 and 4 available to use.

In retrospect, Laravel 8 has fantastic new features and our team is looking forward to properly interact with all of them as benefiting from them can only make the work and build easier.

Laravel 8 Hosting

We are big fans of the Laravel hosting for quite some time and even some of our developers use the Laravel platform for their own project quite often. We have some good knowledge of the good practices that are needed in order to host a Laravel project. You can rely on our professional assistance and our Laravel Hosting services for your new project. We are confident you will like the environment and services we offer for Laravel Developers.

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