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With SaaS revenue growth at the slowest it’s been in years, every deal counts. 

With Tasks for ChartMogul CRM, you can track and prioritize all tasks associated with your leads, opportunities, and customers. You can stay on top of what’s next for every deal, collaborate more effectively with your team, and improve sales performance. 

​​Your team can create tasks for follow-up calls, product demos, email outreach, or meeting arrangements – perfect for sales and account management. Managers can assign tasks to team members based on their expertise, workload, or availability. You can automatically organize your tasks based on when they’re due, so no crucial follow-up falls through the cracks. 

Tasks is our first major feature release for ChartMogul CRM since we launched back in April. This has been the number one feature request so far and we’re excited to announce it’s finally here.

What’s new in ChartMogul CRM

If you’ve been assigned a CRM seat, you can find the Tasks module on top of the Opportunity section on each lead, opportunity, or customer profile page. 

Here you can add, edit, and mark tasks as completed. Your tasks will be stacked chronologically by the due date – overdue tasks will show in red. When you mark a task as completed, it’ll appear in the activity feed on the customer profile.

Tasks are ordered by due date, with overdue tasks shown in red.

How to add a task

Click “Add Task” on the profile page (you need to have a CRM seat assigned). Add the description, task owner, due date, and time. The default task owner will be the user adding the task, but you can assign tasks to different CRM users by selecting them from the drop down.

The due date and time will be shown in the CRM user’s local time zone.

Click ‘Save’ to add the task to the task list. You can edit each task by clicking the pencil icon, and mark them complete by clicking the checkmark.

See all tasks in one place

Perfect for sales and account management. Be sure to schedule your renewal kickoff!

Keeping up with tasks from multiple opportunities and leads can be a struggle. The task list page aggregates tasks from all your prospects, making it the core part of your daily sales workflow. You can see all your team’s tasks here as well, keeping everyone accountable, and ensuring sales processes are running smoothly. 

Open up your Task List to see all your to-dos for the day. Everything is organized for you by due date – all you have to do is knock them out one by one.

Using Tasks in ChartMogul CRM lets your team prioritize, track, and manage their workload, resulting in increased productivity and improved sales performance. Read more in our Help Center here.

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