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December 1, 2023December 1, 2023

One of the co-founders of Web Host Pro, James Gardner has a plethora of website and backend technology knowledge. With over 20 years of working at Web Host Pro, it’s safe to say he’s seen a lot, and with that experience comes a lot of helpful knowledge. Born in Chicago, James had dual citizenship in Scotland and the US. James decided to live in his motherland of Scotland after college. There he lived for about five years experiencing things he describes as something that changes you to appreciate history and the world more. After experiencing most of Scotland and a lot of Europe, James decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue writing for movies.

As a lifelong, die-hard Star Wars fan, he wrote several stories for the Lucus group and later for Disney productions. This allowed him the freedom to be in some movies that he loved like Fight Club and A Walk in the Clouds. After acting he decided to go back into computer tech where his schooling had left off. This led to working with several companies as a consultant including major movie studios. After a couple years of being a consultant, he met Charles Yarbrough at a bar called Barney’s in Hollywood. They became friends and decided to start DWHS (Domain Web Hosting Services). The business did very well right away and a lot of investors offered money for a share. Both owners decide to keep everything in-house with just them. Now 20 years later James has stepped down mostly from the day-to-day to focus on writing. Charles, who is now the majority owner of Web Host Pro is still close friends with James and together they love to brainstorm new creative ideas. James still loves tech and working with Web Host Pro often on his own terms. You can see a recent write-up he did with Website Planet, and there’s a great chance he’ll be helping you with support tickets just because he likes to.

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