Is OneDrive Blocked In China? Here’s How To Access It!


If you are keeping a running list of all of the blocked websites in China, you can add another to the list.

Yes, it’s true.

OneDrive is blocked in China.

Microsoft OneDrive is a popular service that allows Internet users to store, sync, and share their web files.

The problem is, you will not be able to access this service or your OneDrive account without using a workaround.

To access OneDrive, or any other restricted website in China, the best option is to use VPN software.

The best VPN will help you access the Internet in a normal way even from Chinese soil, allowing you to access OneDrive, banned search engines, or other Internet networks that you are craving from China.

Keep on reading to find out how to create a VPN account and how to use your VPN to access OneDrive easily from anywhere.

What Is OneDrive?

So, what exactly is Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive is a way to easily backup your online data, syncing with your devices across platforms, giving users the option for streaming music, syncing folders, and collaborating on shared Office documents.

OneDrive has engaging interface options and can be used with your mobile device or desktop computer, compatible with your Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device.

This service allows you to collaborate with others on documents or store photos and files in an organized manner, letting you access them from your mobile device or other computer anywhere in the world.

When your photos are saved to your OneDrive, images are tagged and organized into searchable albums, and you can even access files offline if you need.

If you are sharing a document with other internet users, you will even see a notice if any doc is being edited.

The problem is, OneDrive can only be accessed from certain locations with the use of a VPN.

Keep on reading to find out how to use a VPN to access OneDrive or any other restricted website from within China’s borders.

Is OneDrive Blocked In Mainland China?

While there are millions of OneDrive users globally, it continues to be geoblocked in certain countries, like China, where the infamous Great Firewall of China restricts access.

One of the theories as to why OneDrive is blocked by the Great Firewall is that the Chinese authorities are motivated in this case to block incoming files and data connected to foreign regions.

If you use a reputable VPN, like SwitchVPN, though, you will be able to unblock OneDrive (o other website content) even from China, despite the Great Firewall.

Accessing OneDrive With a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a reputable VPN, you can access websites that are typically not available in China, including OneDrive, so your OneDrive files for business and pleasure can be accessed on your phone or desktop easily.

A VPN service that has made it its mission to break through the Great Firewall reliably and consistently can help you by allowing you to connect to its VPN network around the world

A VPN works by allowing people to connect to a VPN server in a location outside of China.

This VPN connection is encrypted, hiding users’ actual location and IP address and replacing it with an IP address that corresponds instead to the VPN server in a permitted country.

This VPN connection conceals your search activity from the government, your internet service provider (ISP), work or school network, or from cyberattackers.

Using a reputable VPN service for China, you will be able to access OneDrive and also unblock other websites and apps like Facebook, Google, or Instagram.

What Makes a Good VPN Service For Unblocking OneDrive in China

Not many VPN providers are good choices for use in Mainland China; In fact, most VPN choices will simply not work at all when you are on Chinese soil.

Here are the important features to look for in a good VPN for OneDrive:

  • Number of device connections
  • Price
  • High ratings
  • Customer services/support
  • VPN works in China
  • Connection speed

SwitchVPN allows subscribers to connect multiple devices to a single Premium VPN plan, with 3 VPN connections allowed on an individual plan and 6 allowed on a Family plan.

In terms of price, the cost for this VPN is nominal, charging an annual fee of only $3.99/month for the Premium plan and $5.99 for the Family option.

SwitchVPN pricing

Because both plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is easy to subscribe to this VPN and test it out for yourself before committing to a long-term VPN subscription.

In terms of speed, SwitchVPN has a reputation for good speeds, and has servers close in proximity to China, which means even faster connectivity when trying to get past Chinese geoblocks.

This VPN meets all of the standards above, and more, and certainly is rated highly for use in China, which is a rarity when it comes to any VPN on the market today.

How To Access OneDrive In China With SwitchVPN

Accessing OneDrive with a VPN is simple to do (even without a video guide), and VPN novices should have no trouble following the steps to set up their own VPN account and connection in preparation for their trip out East.

Here are the steps to follow in order to access OneDrive in China using SwitchVPN:

  • Subscribe to SwitchVPN and create an account. The longest-term plans will give you the most competitive price, and you can cancel within 30 days, so there is no risk in signing up for this plan.
  • Download your app to your device and follow the links/steps to install SwitchVPN.
  • Connect to a SwitchVPN server outside of China. The closer the connection to your actual location, the better quality you will have.
  • Open OneDrive!
  • * Make sure to sign up download your VPN apps to your devices before you arrive in China, because most VPN websites/VPN apps will also be blocked from access in China!

    SwitchVPN is the top VPN choice for avoiding internet censorship in countries like China, with a VPN server network of over 250 servers in more than 40 locations, with locations close to China in proximity that will give users the best VPN speeds.

    If you are worried about going against the Chinese government, SwitchVPN keeps you safe with 256-bit (military-grade) encryption, and also keeps no user logs at all, so your activity will not wind up in the wrong hands.

    Other Website and Services Restricted In China

    The reality is that in China, and some other countries, some of your favorite websites that you can readily access on a daily basis from your home may be inaccessible.

    Here are just a few of the many websites and services blocked from access in China:

    To unblock OneDrive, and the websites above, the best option is to use a reputable VPN service, like SwitchVPN.


    Can I access OneDrive with a VPN?

    Yes, but not all VPN services will help you achieve this goal.

    If you want to avoid internet censorship on Chinese soil, and in different countries around the world, the best option is to use a VPN service that has a reputation for being able to access sites banned in China, like SwitchVPN.

    SwitchVPN makes it its mission to stay ahead of Chinese blocks so that citizens and visitors can access the free web even from Chinese soil.


    If you want to access OneDrive, a VPN service is key.

    Since there are very few VPN services that will give you a free Internet connection even from China, we urge you to try out SwitchVPN.

    You can use SwitchVPN on your Windows, Mac, iOS phone, or Android device, establishing a network connection in a location outside of China’s borders so you can access OneDrive files, share photos, and collaborate on business documents from any networks.

    Create a VPN account today simply by visiting the SwitchVPN website via the web, App Store, or Google Play Store.

    This will allow you to access OneDrive in a close to normal way in no time!

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