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May 1, 2023August 10, 2023

It’s just amazing how fast the internet is growing. I think without a doubt at one point everyone will use it in their life.

Internet users


Now in 2023, it’s interesting to look back on this stat and compare it to the latest stats on Internet use. 2012 to 2022 saw massive growth in Internet use. It went From 30% of the general world population using the Internet in 2009 up to 62%. And in the more advanced countries like the USA, you’ll easily see 90-95% usage. So the predictions look to be correct back in 2009 that someday everyone will use the Internet in one way or another eventually. Even in the smallest and simplest locations around the world.

internet use

Another Interesting fact is the increase in Streaming video around the world. Apps like NetFlix and Disney are virtually putting Antenna and cable TV in their grave with a constant increase in streaming and a constant decrease in traditional TV. Here are some interesting stats on streaming use per capita in several countries. As you can see 88% of Mexico streaming their TV now! Several Latin countries like Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina are close behind. 67% of the world is now streaming TV and Movies.

streaming use

With all the technology becoming so normal, it’s important to understand the risks of too much screen time. Children can get addicted and grow up with bad posture from staring down all the time. There are also links to these major health risks.

  • ObesityThe more TV and video your child watches, the greater his or her risk is of becoming overweight. Having a TV or other electronics in a child’s bedroom increases this risk as well. Children can also develop an appetite for junk food promoted in ads, as well as overeat while watching on electronics.
  • Irregular sleepThe more time spent watching on a screen, the more likely children are to have trouble falling asleep or have an irregular sleep schedule. Sleep loss can lead to fatigue and increased snacking.
  • Behavioral problemsElementary students who spend more than two hours a day watching TV, playing video games, or using a computer or smartphone are more likely to have emotional, social, and attention problems. Also, exposure to video games is linked with an increased possibility of attention problems in children.
  • Impaired academic performanceElementary students who have TVs or other screens in their bedrooms tend to perform worse on tests than those who don’t have these in their bedrooms.
  • ViolenceToo much exposure to violence through media can desensitize children to violence. As a result, children might learn to accept violent behavior as a normal way to solve problems.
  • Less time for playExcessive screen time leaves less time for being active, creatively playing, and spending time in nature.

This is the tip of the iceberg and is not just limited to children. Of course, there are benefits to being tech-savvy and staying informed. It’s also a great career choice for many kids. So it’s important to way the good and the bad and make a smart decision about how much tech your children will use and how much you will use.

I personally loved computers and video games as a kid and will encourage my children to use them. Equally though, I will always teach them sports and the fun things you can do in nature with friends in person.

Last but not least, here are the calculated predictions for Internet use up to 2028 for the USA.

USA internet use

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