How To Protect Yourself And Your Business?


For the past few weeks, the world is shaken by an unprecedented event not known to modern history. Whole countries and cities are locked down, people are urged to stay home and the issues is that there is no timeframe when all this will be over. As the coronavirus cases rise globally, most governments take strict measures and tighten the security with penalties, fines and even legal prosecution of people not staying at home. In these nearly dramatic times, more and more people are thinking about how to protect their families and their businesses. We have heard a lot about protecting your family and yourself but only very few articles have been written on how to protect your business. In this series of articles, we will cover the most important aspects of finding new opportunities, how to finetune your collaboration with your team and make your website more popular and start making more money from it by utilizing the available time you have now. In this article, we will cover what are the most widely bought products and what niches are good to invest time and efforts in online.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus?

What safeguards against CoronaVirus can you take according to officially released information and sources?

• Wash your hands thoughts;• Avoid contact with people suspected of having acute respiratory infections;• Do not touch your hands, nose or mouth;• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you sneeze or cough;• For cleaning surfaces, use chlorine or alcohol-based disinfectants;• It is important to add that proper cleaning and disinfection of household items is important as the new coronavirus spreads with contact with a dirty surface.

How does coronavirus infection occur according to widely available information and sources?

Common symptoms include: fever, dry cough, fatigue, and muscle aches;• It can be transmitted by airborne droplets, sneezing and coughing, and in contact with surfaces contaminated with cough drops, sneezing, etc.• Most of the infected people are reported to have mild/moderate symptoms;• About one-quarter of those infected develop more severe symptoms;• The virus is considered particularly dangerous for the elderly and those who already have other chronic conditions.

How to Protect your Business from the Coronavirus impact?

As we expected, the authorities’ continued prevention of COVID-19 proliferation in recent days has continued to be tightened; shopping malls remain closed and all kinds of shops except Drug Stores and Food Stores remain restricted. In most countries, the movement of people between cities is controlled by the police and requires evidence to be provided that travel is required because of work or medical needs. The period is extremely intense because of the many uncertainties we all face: families, employees, clients. During these days, it is even more important for each of us to act and be in solidarity with the people around us.

All we do now is lay the foundations of what we will return to when everything calms down because it will be neither the first nor the last crisis that humanity will have to overcome.

We at WebHostFace strive to remain honest with our customers and want to meet their expectations for what they may need and on top of this give them some working advice on how to save their Businesses. We respect the decisions and recommendations of the authorities and stay home for all the activities that allow it. We believe that e-commerce can help fight this pandemic. Doing business online will be the only possible opportunity to overcome the devastating financial and economic results of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Protect yourself and your Business from FRAUD!

In the context of working from home, let us not forget that the risks associated with computer fraud are becoming more complicated. It is therefore important during this period to raise awareness of digital security. We at WebHostFace implemented a state-of-the-art home-made Malware Scanner that can help you feel secure and have your website monitored and scanned for you! International and local organizations such as Interpol and the European Union Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and the Ministry of the Interior have also warned the public that computer fraud cases have increased in the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

cPanel Security Section
It can be found in your cPanel and our 24/7 customer service department can help you activate this feature to protect your online project and get a custom malware scanner for your websites in a matter of few mouse clicks.

What are the Possible Niches your can use to save or grow your Business online during the CoronaVirus outbreak?

Based on statistics from the largest online stores that sell multiple categories of products, this week`s, the most sought after product categories continued to be:

     • detergents;    • cooking products;    • household consumables;    • offices, small furniture;    • office chairs, gaming tables;    • furniture for the balcony and garden;    • health meters;    • laptops;    • webcams;    • printers;    • consoles and video games;    • personal care products;    • sports and fitness products;    • books;    • children’s toys.

We recommend that you continue to look for opportunities in these product categories and look for categories in which demand may decrease:

     • fashion;    • auto;    • furniture;    • phones.

Shared hosting – The Life Saver of small to medium Business during Coronavirus!

We all know that income has dramatically been cut and the impact of the coronavirus is yet to be measure and experience. Thus comes the lifesaver for many small to medium businesses.

Shared hosting seems to be the only reasonable and wise choice during times of recession. With prices starting from $2.94/month this investment can be easily subtracted from the family of the business budget as the results may be a hundred and a thousand times more. No one wants to invest big during the Coronavirus outbreak and we at WebHostFace know this. Get a shared hosting package and start building your online store or online project in a matter of minutes now with a 40% discount making a price of a low as $2.94/month for a hosting account.

The new website opportunity has never been closer and you might never have the needed time as you have it now! Start your online project now and find another source of income in the eCommerce niche.

Summary – How To Protect Yourself And Your Business during the Coronavirus outbreak?

To sum up, online business seems to be the real and only business that can be developed and grown in the situation of the coronavirus outbreak. Finding products that are interesting to people online is one of the many steps you need to take in order to start diversifying your business or start selling online. We at WebHostFace are here for you in your long journey and we can help you create, develop and grow your project online. We can also help you find the most suitable easy to use and low budget website building tools to create your online project in a matter of minutes.

In this series of articles, we will cover the most important aspects of finding new opportunities, how to finetune your collaboration with your team and make your website more popular and start making more money from it by utilizing the available time you have now. Stay safe and check our blog regularly as the next article will be the top 5 FREE online store applications that can make the difference from NO INCOME to a SUCCESSFUL online store in a matter of days!

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