How To Improve Software UI/UX According to Pro Designers


As a SaaS founder, understanding and improving your software UI/UX is pivotal for achieving your business objectives. In this blog post, our Product Designers, Mariana and Peter, share invaluable expert advice and actionable strategies to improve your user experience and interface.

We’ll cover three common UI/UX questions, from effective onboarding strategies to reducing UI/UX friction and boosting conversion rates. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with expert insights and actionable strategies you can put in place today.

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How Can I Provide Helpful Hints and Instructions Without Annoying Users?

When it comes to introducing and guiding users—both new and existing—through the complexities of your product, finding the right approach is essential. Striking the right balance is crucial, and here’s how you can achieve it:

Tailored Onboarding Flows

Creating an effective onboarding experience is a delicate balance between guiding new users and allowing experienced ones to navigate seamlessly.

For New Users

For new users, tailored onboarding flows are key. These encompass engaging introductions, leveraging empty states to gently guide users, and compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) that propel them into meaningful interactions.

For Existing Users

Conversely, existing users require subtlety in guidance. Implementing non-intrusive hints, tooltips, or optional walkthroughs lets them explore the product at their own pace. The two-step trigger-based onboarding approach gives users the power to choose their level of engagement, ensuring a pleasant experience while avoiding overwhelming them.

Two-Step Trigger-Based Onboarding

Ease new users into your product by offering a simple, dismissible initial step. This can lead them to a deeper knowledge base or onboarding, catering to users seeking more in-depth information. Providing users with the ability to determine their level of engagement and pace during the onboarding process is key to a positive user experience.

How Can I Overcome UI/UX Frictions During Onboarding and Product Usage?

Navigating UI/UX frictions, especially during onboarding and product usage, can be a challenge. However, streamlining this journey is critical. Here are effective strategies to minimise friction:

Streamlined Sign-Up Process

First and foremost, simplify the initial sign-up process by requesting minimal information. This ensures a seamless transition into your product, reducing friction right from the start.

onboarding example from notion. simplified improves software UI/UX

Simplified Onboarding Flow

Streamlined onboarding flows, marked by clear, step-by-step instructions, minimise complexity. Simplicity is the cornerstone; remove unnecessary options to enhance user comprehension and participation.

Enhancing Discoverability

In addition, enhancing discoverability is vital. Proper grouping of features and a well-structured navigation system can make a substantial difference.

User Research and Observation

Gain insights into potential friction points by conducting comprehensive user research. Observing user sessions and conducting interviews will help identify unexpected challenges, enabling proactive solutions.

What Are The Design Elements Which Boost Conversion Rates from Free Trial to Paid?

Maximising conversion rates from a free trial to a paid version is a common goal for SaaS companies. Employing effective design elements can significantly influence this process. Here are key strategies to boost conversion rates:

Effective Visual Cues

Strategically utilise visual cues to highlight premium features, encouraging users to seamlessly upgrade. Additionally, maintaining consistency in design and user experience throughout the upgrading process reinforces a coherent and appealing message.

Contextual Paywalls

Introduce subtle and contextual paywalls based on user actions or needs. This strategic placement prompts users to consider upgrading at the opportune moment, aligning the decision with their user journey.

Delicate Conversion Approach

Adopt a delicate approach towards conversion. Avoid overwhelming users with constant pricing and upgrade prompts during their free trial. Instead, maintain the focus on delivering value and a seamless user experience.

Driving SaaS Success with UI/UX

In a fiercely competitive market, understanding the nuances of UI/UX design and leveraging these strategies can significantly impact user satisfaction, engagement, and conversion rates. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to master UI/UX for SaaS growth.

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