How BetterCloud Enhances File Management and IT Efficiency for Law Firms


In the fast-paced and sensitive world of law firms, efficient file management and IT operations are crucial. With highly transient workforces and a unique organizational structure, traditional file management systems and processes often fall short. However, by leveraging BetterCloud, the market-leading SaaS management platform, law firms can overcome these challenges and streamline their file repository management, user lifecycle management (ULM), and application discovery. In this blog post, we will explore the major use cases and benefits of implementing BetterCloud for law firms and how it enhances file management and IT efficiency.

File Repository Management

Law firms have been steadily modernizing their technology stacks over the past several years and a major component of this modernization is moving toward cloud-based document management systems (DMS). Cloud-based DMS – like DropBox, Google Drive, and O365 – offer significant advantages for remote workers and bring new levels of efficiency and productivity to legal professionals. Data from the American Bar Association shows that legal teams are adopting consumer DMS solutions much faster than specialized legal-specific solutions that were relied on in the past.

With the advent of these new technologies comes an increase in the velocity of sensitive content – both in creation and dissemination – that makes it difficult for centralized IT teams to adapt. This is an acute pain felt during offboarding when a legal professional leaves the firm or is reassigned from a matter and visibility into files is lacking. This forces the IT team to be responsible for finding, managing, and retaining critical documents in systems they have little oversight of.

BetterCloud addresses these challenges by empowering IT to gain comprehensive insights into document stewardship across integrated systems among the top cloud DMS providers. It offers robust reporting capabilities, enabling accurate and efficient management of these systems. BetterCloud also facilitates batch operations such as file transfers and file unsharing, streamlining content management during offboarding.

User Lifecycle Management

Law firms are undergoing rapid digital transformation and adopting numerous cloud-based software solutions. This introduces complexity as users require immediate access to multiple SaaS applications and the existing processes may not be mature enough to meet these new business needs, causing inefficiencies and delays.

BetterCloud’s no-code solution empowers lean IT teams to develop automated workflows for onboarding and offboarding processes. By automating these processes, BetterCloud improves time to delivery for IT, enhances adherence to service level agreements (SLAs), and provides an improved – and secure – employee experience. 

BetterCloud’s platform was designed with the most common alerts and templated zero-touch workflows to enable automatic resolution for common IT issues, like password resets and app requests. Customers of BetterCloud have been able to reduce up to 78% of these common IT tasks and deliver real results for their stakeholders.

Application Discovery

Law firms often work with clients who require the use of specific tools that may not be officially supported by the firm’s IT department. This results in users creating accounts and storing sensitive data in disparate systems beyond IT’s control. These environments often surface late in the engagement lifecycle, leading to additional overhead during offboarding processes.

BetterCloud’s application discovery capabilities empower IT teams to proactively identify shadow IT and remediate the usage of unsanctioned systems across the enterprise. Quickly identifying such instances allows the IT team to mitigate security risks and align applications with the firm’s approved solutions. This capability becomes particularly valuable during initiatives like application consolidation, where BetterCloud’s insights facilitate the transition to a more streamlined and controlled IT environment.

Efficient file management and IT operations are critical for law firms to ensure data security, regulatory compliance, and streamlined processes. BetterCloud offers law firms the tools necessary to enhance file repository management, user lifecycle management, and application discovery. By leveraging BetterCloud, law firms can improve accuracy, efficiency, and visibility across their systems, ultimately leading to better file management and data security. Request a demo today to learn more about how BetterCloud can help address the unique needs of your IT team.

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