Barbara Corcoran Launches ‘Barbara in Your Pocket’


Have you ever wanted a shark in your pocket, ready to advise on how to be successful in business whenever you need it?

Well, Barbara Corcoran’s latest endeavor is meant to do just that.

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Early next year, the “Shark Tank” star is launching “Barbara In Your Pocket,” a members-only “community of like-minded entrepreneurs at every skill level” that will provide advice and live Q&As for those looking to advance their business acumen and grow their companies.

“I’m with you every step along the way, giving you the unfiltered, no bullsh*t advice you need to hear to grow your business as big as you dream,” Corcoran wrote on Instagram.

The program will be run through Patreon, a platform where users pay a specific price or premium for access to creator content.

Corcoran’s “Inner Circle” tier will launch in January for $10 a month.

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The Inner Circle tier will also include behind-the-scenes videos and access showing how Corcoran works with the entrepreneurs she invests in on “Shark Tank,” as well as an “inside look” at how she runs things at the Corcoran Group.

“Joined,” one excited fan wrote to Corcoran on Instagram. “You are more than inspiring; you are a voice of reason, expertise, genius, and no BS! I am thrilled that you offered this!”

“I’m calling it now: 2024 is the year of the entrepreneur! So come ready with your best business questions and I’ll give you the straight-talk advice you need to accomplish your goals in the new year,” Corcoran wrote on her page.

Corcoran’s net worth as of Monday afternoon was an estimated $100 million.

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