27 Best Example Websites Built on Wix Platform 2023


Do you want to check some of the greatest websites built on the Wix platform?

With Wix, anyone can create and design a website to their liking without using any code. It is a cloud based platform that helps to build websites using a simple drag and drop builder.

Pick a predefined template, adjust it as you like, add images, text, video, and have a website of your own.

How cool does that sound?

Fun fact: 73 million people in 180 countries have done this before you. From dog walkers to landscape artists, lawyers to event planners, people from every profession have used Wix to build their websites. (Find more by viewing these extensive Wix statistics.)

What do you get with Wix?

Domain, secure hosting, drag and drop builder, scaling to mobiles, galleries, a vast image collection, SEO, 24/7 support, and more.

You can also look for additional features in the 500+ apps that help you include social, adding a countdown to an event, or integrating bookings or contact forms to your website.

I’ve surfed the internet and hand-picked excellent Wix site examples for you to take a closer look at.

These will give you a fair idea of the possibilities with Wix and perhaps a few cues you can pick up to build your website.

This post covers:

Best Example Websites Built on Wix Platform

When selecting websites for this article, we considered showcasing the capabilities and diversity of the Wix platform.

Here’s what we’ve taken into account to determine the best Wix website examples:

  • Design Quality: Websites with exceptional and aesthetically pleasing designs that stand out for their creativity and visual impact.
  • Functionality: Sites that utilize Wix’s features effectively, including eCommerce capabilities, booking systems, or interactive elements, demonstrating the platform’s versatility.
  • Performance: Fast-loading websites with smooth navigation and a good user experience reflect the technical optimization possible with Wix.
  • Industry Representation: A selection of websites from various industries (e.g., retail, services, arts, education) to show how Wix can be tailored to different business needs and audiences.
  • Innovation: Websites incorporating unique features or using Wix tools innovatively, setting them apart from standard sites.
  • User Engagement: Sites with features that engage visitors, such as animation, video backgrounds, or interactive content, which can serve as inspiration for best practices in web design.
  • SEO Success: Websites that perform well in search engine rankings can be highlighted to illustrate that Wix sites can be optimized effectively for SEO.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Since mobile browsing is crucial, featured websites must display well on various devices, showcasing Wix’s responsive design capabilities.
  • Customer Feedback: Websites with positive testimonials or reviews may be included to demonstrate satisfaction with the Wix platform from a user perspective.
  • Brand Alignment: Sites that effectively communicate the brand’s message and identity, showing how Wix can be used to create a strong online presence.

1. Objective

Built with: Wix

objective small business website

The Objective website stands out with its minimalist design, offering a clean and modern user experience.

It features a simple navigation bar, complete with a shopping cart and social media icons for easy access.

Eye-catching animated thumbnails add a dynamic touch, while the innovative, vertically written “Objective” floating button serves both as a unique brand statement and a practical back-to-top function.

Additionally, the website’s footer includes a handy subscription form, enhancing user engagement and communication.

Note: Whenever unsure about creating the ideal design for a website, opt for minimalism. It simply works!

Why we chose it: Objective is an ideal Wix website example for its blend of minimalist design, user-friendly features and innovative elements.

2. Ception

Built with: Wix

ception small business website

The Ception website has a sleek, professional look and intuitive functionality.

It features a sticky navigation bar that ensures easy access to all sections at any scroll point.

The use of parallax image effects adds depth and a modern flair to the user experience.

In the footer, the site includes business and contact details along with a practical contact form, making it simple for visitors to connect and engage with the business.

Note: Make a contact form always available by placing it in the footer.

Why we chose it: Ception rocks a professional design, engaging visuals, and user-friendly navigation and contact features.

You also don’t want to miss these epic business websites for more inspiration.

3. Puffin Packaging

Built with: Wix

puffin packaging small business website

The Puffin Packaging website excels with its engaging and user-friendly layout. It features a floating top bar that displays essential contact details and social media icons.

The main menu (which also floats) includes a prominent Call-To-Action (CTA) button, enhancing user interaction.

The site captivates with cool scrolling effects and dynamic carousels, showcasing content effectively.

A dark, contrasting footer offers quick links and business details, creating a visually appealing and informative end to the user journey.

Note: Use the addition of a top bar to include email, telephone number, etc.

Why we chose it: Puffin Packaging has an engaging design, floating navigation elements and dynamic visuals.

4. Studio Bonny

Built with: Wix

bonny small business website

Studio Bonny’s website captures the attention with its strikingly bold, text-only above-the-fold section, paired with a transparent header for a sleek, modern look.

It captivates users with smooth scrolling animations that enhance the browsing experience.

This small business site features animated thumbnails that add a lively, interactive element to the display of work.

Embracing minimalism, the footer is exceptionally clean, consisting solely of copyright information and an Instagram icon, emphasizing a clutter-free, visually focused design ethos.

Note: Don’t be afraid to make a solid statement with a text-only above-the-fold section. (Sometimes, you can achieve even better results than with visuals!)

Why we chose it: Studio Bonny exemplifies a top Wix website with its bold, minimalist design, engaging animations, and clean, focused user interface.

5. Zion Adventure Photog

Built with: Wix

zion adventure photog blog example

Zion Adventure Photog’s website uniquely engages visitors with a popup notification for a free gift/subscription, immediately capturing interest.

It employs a stunning parallax effect, adding depth and movement to the visual experience. A top bar notification offers timely information or promotions, enhancing user engagement.

The site effectively uses carousels for an interactive content presentation alongside a testimonials slider that adds credibility.

Its two-column footer features quick links for easy navigation and a dedicated area for the free gift/subscription, balancing utility with marketing.

Note: Incorporating parallax effect sections is a great way to enhance your website’s user experience.

Why we chose it: Zion Adventure Photog showcases engaging popups, dynamic parallax effects, and a well-organized footer that blends functionality with marketing.

6. Copper & Brass

Built with: Wix

copper and brass wix store example

Copper & Brass’s website immediately draws visitors in with a discount popup, offering an enticing start to the browsing experience.

It features a floating header and top bar for constant, easy navigation access. The site’s search functionality displays live results, enhancing user interaction and efficiency.

A sticky contact and rewards widget remain accessible as users scroll, encouraging engagement.

This eCommerce website rounds off with a minimalist footer, emphasizing a clean, user-friendly design while maintaining essential information and links.

Note: Keep the menu bar always accessible by sticking it to the top of the screen for a boost in UX.

Why we chose it: Copper & Brass has an engaging discount popup, user-friendly navigation elements, live search results, and a seamless blend of functionality with a minimalist design.

7. Hair Comes The Bride

Built with: Wix

hair comes the bride wix store example

Hair Comes The Bride’s wedding website charms visitors right away with a catchy video banner above the fold.

The header is efficiently designed with a log-in icon, a search bar, and a drop-down menu for effortless navigation.

As users scroll, content loads smoothly, maintaining engagement and interest.

The site also employs a subtle parallax effect, adding a layer of depth and sophistication to the browsing experience, enriching the overall look and user interaction.

Note: Incorporating a video banner or background is a great solution to creating a striking first impression.

Why we chose it: Hair Comes The Bride features an engaging video banner, intuitive menu, and dynamic content loading to up the overall user experience.

8. Seasons In Colour

Built with: Wix

seasons in colour wix example

The Seasons In Colour website is notable for its elegant simplicity, focusing on home decor ideas.

It features a minimalist header and footer, ensuring a clean and uncluttered user interface.

A large, prominent banner effectively promotes the latest home decor trends and ideas, capturing visitor interest.

Moreover, on the blog page, a secondary menu provides easy navigation through various topics. Additionally, the inclusion of social media icons in the navigation bar facilitates easy connectivity.

Note: Using the same background color for the header, base and footer can create a unified structure, pleasant to the eye.

Why we chose it: Seasons In Colour combines a minimalist design, an engaging large banner for home decor promotion, and user-friendly navigation features.

9. Ok Drugs

Built with: Wix

ok drugs wix example

The Ok Drugs website grabs the curiosity with its sleek and modern design.

Its header and footer are styled for maximum impact yet simple, with the footer featuring a darker theme for better visibility and distinction.

On the homepage, a noticeably placed contact form makes it easy for visitors to reach out, enhancing user engagement.

The navbar is efficiently designed with log-in and cart icons for an easy shopping experience.

This Wix site effectively combines aesthetics with practicality, catering to a user-friendly browsing experience.

Note: Integrate a shopping cart icon in the navigation bar so it’s more accessible.

Why we chose it: Ok Drugs showcases a well-designed Wix website with its sleek layout, standout footer, convenient contact form (on the home page), and practical navigation icons.

10. Bridge Investment Group

Built with: Wix

bridge investment group consulting website

The Bridge Investment Group website features an immersive video background, setting a dynamic tone.

Its innovative header cleverly disappears and reappears based on scrolling direction, enhancing usability and screen space.

A standout feature is the slider with a split-screen design, showcasing visual content on one side, and informative text with a CTA button on the other, efficiently balancing visuals and information.

Additionally, an accessibility configurator is included, ensuring the site is user-friendly for all visitors.

Note: Do you want to make your Wix website accessible to more people? Then integrate an accessibility configurator so everyone can adjust your site’s appearance accordingly.

Why we chose it: Bridge Investment Group’s website sets itself apart with its dynamic video background, smart scrolling header, innovative split-screen slider, and accessibility configurator.

11. Sticky Lemon

Built with: Wix

sticky lemon wix store example

The Sticky Lemon website contains a large slider that immediately fetches attention with its bold visuals.

Its simple layout is user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation. Unique hover effects reveal secondary images, adding an interactive layer to browsing.

An embedded video that auto-plays on the site provides an engaging multimedia experience.

Also, integrating an Instagram feed with popup posts seamlessly connects social media content, enriching the user’s journey and offering a dynamic glimpse into the Sticky Lemon world.

Note: Make your Wix website more engaging and interactive by mixing video and image content.

Why we chose it: Sticky Lemon represents a compelling Wix website with its large slider, simple yet interactive layout, auto-play video, and integrated Instagram feed.

12. Cottons Restaurant

Built with: Wix

cottons restaurant wix example

Cottons Restaurant’s website delights with its vibrant and colorful design, perfectly capturing its lively atmosphere.

A prominent “Find a Table” button in the navbar makes reservations straightforward and accessible.

The use of parallax sections adds depth and a dynamic visual experience. Unique multi-color background sections provide a creative twist, enhancing this restaurant website‘s aesthetic appeal.

Google Maps integration effectively displays the restaurant’s location, and a convenient back-to-top button ensures easy navigation back to the top.

Note: Use colors and other vibrant inclusions in your website to speak your brand’s voice.

Why we chose it: Cottons Restaurant amazes with its colorful design, easy reservation access, engaging parallax sections, and practical Google Maps integration.

13. Bella & Bloom

Built with: Wix

bella and bloom wix example

Bella & Bloom’s website radiates a clean and feminine charm, appealing to its target audience.

It features a floating header for seamless navigation, enhancing the user experience. A sticky live chat widget is strategically positioned, offering instant assistance and engagement.

The inclusion of a testimonial slider lends credibility and a personal touch.

Furthermore, beautiful parallax backgrounds add depth to the design. At the same time, an Instagram feed, placed below a practical three-column footer, integrates social content, further enriching the site’s interactive and stylish appeal.

Note: Express your personality through the website’s tone and design.

Why we chose it: Bella & Bloom’s website intrigues us with its clean, feminine design, convenient features like a sticky chat widget, and engaging elements such as a testimonial slider and IG feed.

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14. Pien

Built with: Wix

pien geerlings one page website

Pien’s website breaks the mold without a traditional header and footer, opting for a sleek one-page layout.

It features an original framed header showcasing some portfolio work, immediately drawing attention to the creative essence of the site.

A lightbox gallery allows for an immersive view of images, while a vertical slider adds a distinctive touch to content presentation.

The site is rounded off with a simple yet effective contact form, ensuring easy communication while maintaining the site’s minimalist and innovative aesthetic.

Note: A one-page website layout can be a very effective way of online business promotion without overwhelming potential clients.

Why we chose it: Pien’s website is exceptional for its unconventional one-page layout, immersive lightbox gallery, and unique vertical slider, showcasing creative and efficient web design.

15. TerraLiving

Built with: Wix

terraliving wix website example

TerraLiving’s website strikes an elegant balance with its bold floating header and minimalist design, offering a clean, sophisticated UX.

The presence of a sticky chat widget in the bottom right corner adds a layer of interactivity and accessibility for visitors.

What’s more, its boxed layout provides a structured, neat visual appeal.

Carousel reviews on the site lend credibility and a personal touch. At the same time, the embedded Instagram feed seamlessly integrates social content, enriching the site with a dynamic, up-to-date view of the brand’s presence.

Note: Add more content to your website while at the same time showing how sociable you are by integrating social media, like Instagram.

Why we chose it: TerraLiving’s website is notable for its bold floating header, minimalist aesthetic, interactive chat widget, and engaging features like carousel reviews and embedded Instagram.

16. The Bruin Group

Built with: Wix

the bruin group consulting website

The Bruin Group’s website spices things up with a captivating video background setting an engaging tone.

It includes intuitive scroll-down and back-to-top buttons, facilitating easy navigation through the content.

The site’s masonry image grid presents content in an aesthetically pleasing, organized fashion, adding to the visual appeal.

Additionally, a newsletter subscription widget is strategically placed in the footer, encouraging visitors to stay connected and updated.

Note: Boost your website’s liveliness by incorporating a video background.

Why we chose it: The Bruin Group’s website fascinates with its engaging video background, user-friendly navigation buttons, stylish masonry image grid, and convenient newsletter subscription feature.

17. Black Sheep Bikes

Built with: Wix

black sheep wix store example

Black Sheep Bikes’ website provides a modern and immersive navigation experience with its full-screen hamburger menu overlay.

It features striking parallax images that add depth and motion to the visual layout. A lightbox gallery showcases their products in detail, enhancing the user’s engagement.

Floating social media icons for Facebook and Instagram on the right side of the screen ensure constant, easy access to their social platforms.

The inclusion of an Instagram feed and a user-friendly contact form further enriches the site’s functionality and appeal.

Note: Create a clean and minimal header with a hamburger menu icon.

Why we chose it: Black Sheep Bikes brings a full-screen menu, engaging parallax images, and convenient social media integration.

18. Kesslers

Built with: Wix

kesslers consulting website

Kesslers’ website, a neat Wix example, opens with an impressive full-width video banner above the fold, free of text or CTAs, for a visually striking entrance.

The navigation is streamlined through a hamburger menu, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic. Engaging scrolling animations add dynamism to the browsing experience.

The site employs a captivating parallax effect, bringing a sense of depth. Its design alternates between contrasting dark and light background sections, creating an intriguing and elegant user interface.

Note: Create a distraction-free first impression with a video banner, free from text, links and CTAs.

Why we chose it: Kesslers’ website has a striking full-width video banner, a minimalist hamburger menu, and engaging scrolling animations with contrasting backgrounds.

19. Weddings By Shannon

Built with: Wix

weddings by shannon website

Weddings By Shannon’s website promotes a clean and elegant design, perfect for showcasing wedding photography.

Large, high-quality photographs dominate the layout, instantly engaging visitors. The lightbox portfolio gallery allows users to view images in full detail, adding to the immersive experience.

Its semi-one-page layout ensures a seamless scroll through different sections. Moreover, the full-width structure of the site maximizes screen space, providing a modern and spacious feel that elegantly highlights the portfolio’s visual storytelling.

Note: As a photographer, include large, high-quality images and a lightbox feature for a better viewing experience.

Why we chose it: Weddings By Shannon’s website excels with its clean design, stunning large photography, an immersive lightbox gallery, and a user-friendly semi-one-page layout.

20. Fabi Acupuncture

Built with: Wix

fabi acupuncture small business website

Fabi Acupuncture’s vibrant website exudes energy and warmth, inviting visitors with its colorful and lively appearance.

Key features include floating social media icons for easy sharing and engagement, and a convenient contact/booking and navigation bar for effortless user interaction.

The site integrates Google Maps, making location finding a breeze. A subscription form is strategically placed for ongoing client engagement, while social and email login options simplify the user experience.

Note: If you have a members’ area, make it easy to log in/register with social media profiles.

Why we chose it: Fabi Acupuncture’s website captures attention with its vibrant design, accompanied by user-friendly features like floating social icons and Google Maps integration, and convenient social and email login options.

21. Frankie Ratford

Built with: Wix

frankie ratford one page website

Frankie Ratford’s website is enlivened by cool parallax effects and a vibrant color scheme that captures attention and reflects a creative spirit.

It has a hamburger menu that smoothly slides in from the right, contributing to the header’s simplicity.

As users scroll, content is cleverly revealed, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

The website concludes with a basic yet effective footer, featuring copyright information, a nod to its creation with Wix, and an Instagram icon for easy social connection.

Note: You can use the parallax effect for images and text; don’t feel limited.

Why we chose it: Frankie Ratford’s website wows with engaging parallax effects, vibrant colors, and interactive scroll-reveal content, showcasing creative and effective Wix design.

22. Elles Bailey

Built with: Wix

elles bailey wix website example

Elles Bailey’s musician website captures the essence of her music with a stunning parallax background, adding depth and movement.

An embedded video and playlist offer visitors an immediate taste of her artistry. The site thoughtfully lists tour dates, keeping fans informed and engaged with RSVP and ticked buttons.

Social icons are conveniently placed, encouraging visitors to connect on various platforms. A newsletter subscription option lets fans stay updated, while a chat widget provides interaction, making the website a hub for her musical journey and fan engagement.

Note: Let your fans enjoy your must on your website with embedded videos and playlists.

Why we chose it: Elles Bailey’s website makes a statement with its immersive parallax background, embedded music video, comprehensive tour date listing, and interactive features like social icons and a chat widget.

Built with: Wix

blink 182 wix example

The Blink 182 website embodies a straightforward and effective design, perfect for fans and newcomers alike.

It features a clean and basic menu, ensuring ease of navigation. Dominating the fold is a captivating band image, instantly engaging visitors.

The homepage thoughtfully presents a comprehensive list of tour dates, making it convenient for fans to follow the band’s schedule.

The footer is streamlined, containing only essential links.

While social media and music are on separate pages, integrating some on the home page could enhance user experience by providing direct access to these key aspects.

Note: Bring the entire tour date with links to RSVP and tickets to the home page (or at least make it very easy to access).

Why we chose it: The Blink 182 website has a clear, user-friendly design, prominent band imagery, comprehensive tour information, effectively catering to fans’ needs.

24. S Kaba Consulting

Built with: Wix

s kaba consulting website

S Kaba Consulting’s website exudes professionalism with its one-page-like structure, offering a seamless and coherent user experience.

The above-the-fold section features a modern split-screen design: engaging text on the left introduces the company, while an informative video on the right visually articulates their services.

This layout efficiently utilizes screen space, providing immediate insight into the firm’s expertise.

A strategically placed contact form at the bottom of the page invites easy engagement, rounding off the site with a practical, business-oriented approach.

Note: Make your website speak professionalism through the right choice of colors, text and visuals.

Why we chose it: S Kaba Consulting’s website is an example of professional and efficient design, with its (almost) one-page structure, split-screen layout above the fold, and a convenient contact form.

25. Wendy Ju

Built with: Wix

wendy ju simple website example

Wendy Ju’s website wins you over with a unique typewriter effect that adds a dynamic touch to the textual content.

The site features a custom cursor, enhancing the interactive user experience. Video thumbnails provide an engaging preview of her work.

The essential header smartly hides and reappears based on scrolling, optimizing screen space and user focus.

Additionally, the website thoughtfully includes a separate page for her PDF resume, which is easy to download and print-friendly.

Note: If you want to have a text-heavy above the fold section, enhance it with a typewriter effect.

Why we chose it: Wendy Ju’s website impresses with its unique typewriter effect, custom cursor, smart header design, and practical features like video thumbnails and a downloadable PDF resume.

26. OrangeYouGlad

Built with: Wix

orangeyouglad clean website example

OrangeYouGlad’s website instantly grabs interest with its catchy animations and a bold, impactful orange background above the fold, embodying the brand’s vibrant personality.

The site offers an awesome scrolling experience, smoothly guiding visitors through its content.

A standout feature is the large, full-screen contact section, which includes a prominent CTA button and interactive letters that react on hover, making the interaction both fun and engaging.

This design effectively blends visual appeal with user interactivity, creating a memorable online presence.

Note: Hover effect can add a sweet WOW effect, improving your site’s UX.

Why we chose it: OrangeYouGlad’s website stands out with its vibrant animations, bold color scheme, seamless scrolling, and an interactive, full-screen contact section with engaging hover effects.

27. MonetaGo

Built with: Wix

monetago startup website

MonetaGo’s website includes a clean and intuitive navbar featuring social icons and a prominent CTA button, facilitating easy navigation and engagement.

An embedded promotional video effectively introduces their services, creating an immediate, impactful connection with visitors.

The site smartly utilizes carousels for a sleek and dynamic presentation of various content, enhancing user experience.

Additionally, accordions concisely present necessary information while saving screen space, ensuring the site remains uncluttered yet informative, perfectly balancing professionalism with functionality.

Note: Accordions are a great feature that keeps a clean and minimal design intact but still ensures the content is readily available.

Why we chose it: MonetaGo’s website showcases a clean design with a functional navbar, engaging promotional video, dynamic carousels, and space-efficient accordions.

Reasons To Use Wix For Your Website

Wix is a popular website builder offering various features and benefits. Here are eight reasons to consider using Wix for your website:

  • User-friendly interface: Wix provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for beginners to design and customize their websites without knowing how to code.
  • Wide range of templates: Wix offers an extensive collection of professionally designed templates for various types of websites, allowing users to choose a design that best suits their needs.
  • Customizable designs: While templates provide a good starting point, Wix allows for extensive customization, enabling users to adjust layouts, add elements, and personalize the design to their liking.
  • Mobile optimization: Wix websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring your site looks great and functions well on smartphones and tablets.
  • SEO tools: Wix includes built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, increasing your potential to attract more visitors.
  • eCommerce capabilities: For those looking to sell products or services online, Wix provides eCommerce functionality, including shopping carts, secure payment options, and inventory management.
  • App market: Wix has an App Market offering a wide range of add-ons and integrations, from social media tools to business apps, enhancing your website’s functionality.
  • Reliable hosting, domain registrar and support: Wix contains web hosting with its plans ensuring reliable uptime for your website. You can also register a domain name and control everything from one location. They also offer customer support to assist with any questions or issues.

These features make Wix a versatile and user-friendly choice for building and managing a website for personal projects, businesses, or other purposes.

How To Make A Website With Wix

Creating a website with Wix is a straightforward process. Here’s a simple 7-step guide to help you get started:

  • Sign up for a Wix account: Visit the Wix website and sign up for an account. You can register using your email address or social media accounts.
  • Choose a template: Once logged in, select a template that fits the purpose of your website. Wix offers a wide range of professionally designed templates for websites like blogs, portfolios, online stores, etc.
  • Customize your template: Use the Wix editor to customize your chosen template. You can change text, images, backgrounds, and more. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to rearrange elements on your page.
  • Add website elements: Incorporate various elements like contact forms, galleries, social media links, and more, depending on the needs of your website. This step is crucial for tailoring your site to your specific requirements.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure your website looks good on mobile devices. Wix automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your site, but you should review and adjust it as necessary for the best mobile user experience.
  • Set up SEO and other settings: Use Wix’s SEO tools to help your website rank better in search engine results. Fill in your site’s title, keywords, and meta description. Also, configure other settings like domain name, privacy, and language.
  • Preview and publish: Preview your website to see how it looks to visitors. Once you’re satisfied with everything, click the “Publish” button to make your website live on the internet.
  • FAQ: Wix Website Examples

    What is Wix and why should I consider it for building my website?

    Wix is a popular website builder that allows you to create a professional website without any coding knowledge. It’s known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, extensive template library, and flexibility, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced web designers.

    What makes a great website when using Wix?

    A great Wix website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and effectively communicates your brand message. It should also be responsive (optimized for all devices), have clear calls to action, and load quickly. Wix offers a variety of tools and features that can help you achieve these goals.

    Can you provide some examples of great Wix websites?

    Yes, our blog post showcases a variety of Wix website examples across different industries. These examples demonstrate how Wix can create unique, professional, and engaging websites.

    What is Wix particularly good at?

    Wix excels at providing a straightforward website-building experience. Its drag-and-drop editor allows for easy customization, while its wide range of templates caters to various styles and industries. Wix also offers robust eCommerce features, making it a solid choice for online stores.

    Can I build a professional-looking website with Wix even if I don’t have any design experience?

    Absolutely. Wix is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for beginners. The platform’s drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates make it easy to create a polished, professional website without any design experience.

    Can I customize my Wix website to fit my brand?

    Yes, Wix offers extensive customization options. You can choose from various templates and customize them to fit your brand’s colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. You can also add custom features and functionality using Wix’s App Market.

    How do Wix websites perform in terms of SEO?

    Wix has a range of built-in SEO tools to help your website rank better in search engines. These include customizable URLs, meta tags, and alt text. Wix also offers an SEO Wiz tool that provides personalized SEO plans.

    Are there any limitations I should be aware of when using Wix?

    While Wix is a powerful website builder, it does have some limitations. For instance, once you choose a template, you can’t change it without rebuilding your site. Also, while Wix’s drag-and-drop editor offers much flexibility, it can be less precise than other website builders.

    Can I use Wix to build an eCommerce site?

    Yes, Wix offers a variety of eCommerce features, including product galleries, online payment options, and marketing tools. It also integrates with various shipping and fulfillment services. To see how Wix stacks against other tools, check this article on the cheapest website builder for eCommerce.

    Is Wix a good choice for my website?

    Wix is a versatile and user-friendly website builder that can be an excellent choice for many types of websites, from personal blogs to professional business sites and online stores. However, the best choice depends on your specific needs and goals. It’s always a good idea to explore several options before deciding on the best platform for your website.

    Does Wix offer any AI features to help build my website?

    Yes, Wix offers an innovative AI feature called Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which can create a customized website based on your preferences and needs. You answer a few simple questions about your site’s purpose, style, and features, and Wix ADI does the rest, generating a unique website complete with text, images, and layouts. Currently, Wix is the highest rated AI website builder.

    How does Wix compare to Squarespace in terms of design flexibility?

    Wix offers a more flexible drag-and-drop editor, allowing for more customization and control over the layout of your website. On the other hand, Squarespace is known for its sleek and high-quality design templates, but it offers less flexibility in moving elements around. Users looking for more creative freedom may prefer Wix, while those who value cohesive and designer-curated templates might opt for Squarespace.

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