23 Best Wix Portfolio Examples In 2023


Are you on the hunt for some jaw-dropping Wix portfolio examples?

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I’m thrilled to share a carefully curated portfolio collection that stands out in online creativity.

From sleek, professional layouts to bold, artistic expressions, each portfolio showcases a unique blend of imagination and skill. They are perfect for sparking a wealth of ideas for your own project.

As you explore these examples, you’ll notice how each artist or professional has used the flexibility of Wix to tell their own story, showcasing their work in a way that’s as unique as they are.

Whether you’re a photographer, a graphic designer, an artist, or just someone who appreciates good design, these portfolios are bound to inspire and excite you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired now!

This post covers:

20+ Wix Portfolio Examples

Feast your eyes on these spectacular Wix portfolio examples, each a testament to creativity and design prowess.

Get ready to be motivated by the boundless possibilities that await your own portfolio!

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1. Cami Ferreol

Built with: Wix

cami ferreol wix portfolio example

Cami Ferreol’s portfolio website stands out with its elegant simplicity and engaging features. The above-the-fold section captivates with a dynamic typewriter effect, immediately drawing attention.

A transparent, sticky navigation bar offers seamless browsing, while conveniently placed social icons on the right enhance connectivity.

The heart of the site is a large, animated thumbnail grid, showcasing Cami’s work in an interactive and visually appealing manner.

This combination of minimalism and interactivity makes the website not just a portfolio, but a memorable experience.

Note: Trigger your visitors’ interest with a text-heavy above-the-fold section (with optional typewriter effect).

Why we chose it: Cami Ferreol’s portfolio is a perfect blend of minimalist design and interactive elements, setting a high standard for engaging and user-friendly online portfolios.

2. Sharon Radisch

Built with: Wix

sharon radisch wix portfolio example

Sharon Radisch’s portfolio website uniquely combines functionality with subtle design elements. It greets visitors with a newsletter subscription popup, seamlessly integrating audience engagement.

The distinct hamburger menu icon, blending into the site’s aesthetic, adds a touch of minimalism while maintaining usability.

The portfolio’s grid layout features a captivating hover effect, adding dynamism to the viewing experience.

A clean, unobtrusive footer anchors the site, providing essential information without detracting from the visual content. This design approach creates an inviting and sophisticated online presence.

Note: Simplify the header section with a hamburger menu icon.

Why we chose it: Sharon Radisch’s portfolio stands out for its elegant interplay of subtlety and interactivity, making it an exemplary model of modern, minimalist web design.

3. Max Montgomery

Built with: Wix

max montgomery wix portfolio example

Max Montgomery’s portfolio website breaks the mold with its unconventional design, avoiding traditional headers and footers for a focused, immersive experience.

The site features a grid layout, but with a twist: extra spacing between thumbnails adds a sense of spaciousness and elegance, highlighting each piece distinctly.

A key feature is the lightbox gallery, which allows viewers to dive deeper into each work without leaving the page, creating an intimate and engaging exploration of Max’s artistry and vision.

Note: When creating a portfolio gallery on your website, utilize the lightbox effect for a more immersive experience.

Why we chose it: Max Montgomery’s portfolio has a bold and clean aesthetic, offering a mesmerizing visual experience through its unique layout and lightbox gallery.

4. The Robin Collective

Built with: Wix

the robin collective wix portfolio example

The Robin Collective’s portfolio website example masterfully combines simplicity and functionality.

Its header and footer are pared down to essentials, with the header offering key menu links and the footer presenting business details and social icons.

The site’s core features a grid layout, neatly categorizing their work and case studies, making navigation intuitive and visually pleasing.

Additionally, a dedicated section for a newsletter subscription form smartly engages visitors, encouraging them to stay connected.

Note: Keep your fans and (potential) clients up to date by offering them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Why we chose it: The Robin Collective’s portfolio mixes simple design and strategic use, offering a user-friendly and visually compelling showcase of their work.

5. Dotpigeon

Built with: Wix

dotpigeon wix portfolio example

Dotpigeon’s portfolio website is a striking example of bold design meeting practicality. It features a large two-column grid layout that gives each artwork ample space to shine, enhanced by a lightbox gallery for a dazzling viewing experience.

A convenient “back to top” button and a floating “Dotpigeon” text at the top of the screen, which, when clicked, smoothly scrolls the page back to the beginning, provide easy navigation.

The inclusion of an Instagram link in the footer seamlessly connects visitors to their social presence.

Note: Make a portfolio grid dominate your website, putting all the necessary shine on each of your works.

Why we chose it: Dotpigeon’s portfolio is a prime example of modern web design, blending bold aesthetics with user-friendly features for a memorable encounter.

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6. Sonja Van Dulmen

Built with: Wix

sonja van dulmen wix portfolio example

Sonja Van Dulmen’s portfolio website is a masterpiece of digital artistry, showcasing a full-screen background enriched with captivating animations and a parallax effect.

The design includes floating social icons on the left side, ensuring constant accessibility.

Moreover, thumbnails are animated, bringing her work to life and adding an interactive dimension. The large slider is a solid feature, providing a dynamic display of Sonja’s projects.

A contact form at the bottom of the home page invites easy communication, while unique detailing throughout the site enhances its visual appeal and boosts UX.

Note: Add depth and immersiveness to your online portfolio with the attention-grabbing parallax effect.

Why we chose it: Sonja Van Dulmen’s portfolio features artistic animations, parallax effects, and interactive elements, making it a pleasure to scroll through.

7. Hedof

Built with: Wix

hedof wix portfolio example

Hedof’s portfolio website epitomizes clean and efficient design with its streamlined navigation bar featuring a user-friendly drop-down menu and easily accessible social icons.

The massive slider, occupying a prominent position, showcases clickable slides that draw viewers into Hedof’s work without the distraction of text or CTAs.

The website’s grid layout includes some animated thumbnails, adding a subtle dynamism to the browsing experience.

Finally, a practical four-column footer concludes the site, offering additional information and links in a tidy, organized manner.

Note: Adding a slider to your online portfolio is an excellent way to showcase your work.

Why we chose it: Hedof’s portfolio rocks a user-centric design, combining a large, engaging slider and animated thumbnails with efficient navigation.

8. Ivy Chen

Built with: Wix

ivy chen wix portfolio example

Ivy Chen’s portfolio website offers a uniquely captivating scrolling experience, seamlessly transitioning from one section to another, inspiring visitors with its fluidity.

The site features a sticky header and a novel left-side menu with a distinctive horizontal hamburger navigation.

It also comes with a back-to-top button, with the best back-to-top experience I’ve ever witnessed. It’s not too fast, so the immersive scrolling you just witnessed is almost equally pleasant in reverse.

Note: Implement your creativity into spicing up your portfolio’s scrolling experience, as Ivy did.

Why we chose it: Ivy Chen’s portfolio sets a new standard in web design with its exceptional immersive scrolling and innovative navigation, offering a gripping and user-friendly showcase.

9. Calvin Pausania

Built with: Wix

calvin pausania wix portfolio example

Calvin Pausania’s portfolio website is a digital spectacle featuring an animated background that sets a dynamic tone right from the start.

The website offers a mesmerizing scrolling experience, with content elegantly loading as you navigate through, enhanced by captivating animations that bring projects to life.

A floating transparent header with a minimalist hamburger menu ensures easy navigation while maintaining the site’s sleek aesthetic.

The absence of a footer adds to its modern, uncluttered feel, focusing entirely on the visual journey.

Note: Boost your site’s user experience with a floating header and navigation.

Why we chose it: Calvin Pausania’s portfolio impresses with its dynamic animated background and seamless content loading, offering a visually stunning and appealing UX.

10. Helena Hauss

Built with: Wix

helena hauss wix portfolio example

Helena Hauss’ portfolio website is a testament to the elegance of simplicity, featuring a clean, minimalist design that allows her artwork to take center stage.

The site employs a masonry grid layout for her portfolio, providing an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate work display.

Each work/project page is thoughtfully detailed with plenty of additional images, offering an in-depth look at each piece. This approach highlights her artistic journey and skill in a beautifully understated manner.

Note: A masonry grid is a great way to present your works visually interestingly.

Why we chose it: Helena Hauss’s portfolio promotes minimalist elegance with clean design and comprehensive individual project pages.

11. Mariela Mezquita

Built with: Wix

mariela mezquita wix portfolio example

Mariela Mezquita’s portfolio website uniquely blends functionality and artistic flair.

It features a floating header showcasing her email for easy contact, complemented by a handy floating menu on the left side for smooth navigation. The design also includes sticky social buttons at the bottom, ensuring constant connectivity.

Typography-heavy above-the-fold, enhanced with a GIF, immediately captivates visitors.

The site’s intriguing grey sections, revealing project images on hover, add an interactive layer to the browsing experience, showcasing her work in a visually engaging way.

Note: You can always enhance your portfolio’s design (even if text-heavy) with catchy GIFs and animations.

Why we chose it: Mariela Mezquita’s portfolio joins practical navigation elements with visual features, creating an interactive and typographically rich work showcase.

12. Orange You Glad

Built with: Wix

orangeyouglad clean website example

The Orange You Glad portfolio website dazzles with its playful yet professional design.

It boasts a transparent navbar that complements the large, attention-grabbing above-the-fold section, which features engaging text, a clear call-to-action (CTA) button, and a delightfully animated orange.

The site cleverly organizes sections for projects and services, enhancing user navigation.

A standout feature is the large contact section, adorned with a creative “HOWDY” text where each letter amusingly reacts upon hover, adding an element of fun and interactivity to the UX.

Note: Ensure you make your services (even pricing) clearly visible, so potential clients know exactly what you offer.

Why we chose it: Orange You Glad’s portfolio is a fusion of creativity and interactivity, with its playful design and engaging elements like the reactive “HOWDY” text.

13. Wendy Ju

Built with: Wix

wendy ju simple website example

Wendy Ju’s portfolio website features a dynamic header that disappears or reappears based on scrolling, adding a touch of finesse.

The above-the-fold area is text-heavy with an engaging typewriter effect that captivates visitors.

Animated thumbnails throughout the site bring her work to life, while a custom mouse cursor adds a unique, personal element.

The website’s simplicity is rounded off with a basic footer, including email and LinkedIn icons, ensuring easy professional connectivity.

Note: Do you want to enhance a minimalist portfolio website? Why not create a custom cursor?

Why we chose it: Wendy Ju’s portfolio uses dynamic elements like the disappearing/reappearing header and custom cursor, creating an engaging and memorable UX.

14. Frankie Ratford

Built with: Wix

frankie ratford one page website

Frankie Ratford’s portfolio website is a delightful fusion of style and functionality. It features a floating hamburger menu icon, adding a modern touch to the navigation experience.

The website is enhanced with a cool parallax effect, creating a dynamic visual appeal as you scroll through.

Pleasant transitions between sections ensure a seamless journey through the content. Furthermore, its vibrant colorway adds energy and personality, while the portfolio grid, linked to clients’ projects, exhibits work effectively.

A minimalist footer caps off the design with understated elegance.

Note: The hamburger menu is a great way to keep the header clean and simple while ensuring the necessary navigation.

Why we chose it: Frankie Ratford’s portfolio blends a dynamic parallax effect, flawless transitions, and a vibrant color scheme.

15. Weddings By Shannon

Built with: Wix

weddings by shannon website

Weddings By Shannon presents a portfolio website that masterfully melds sophistication and practicality.

The full-width image banner with a parallax effect immediately captures attention, creating a sense of depth and movement.

Its simple navigation bar facilitates effortless browsing, while the stunning portfolio grid with a lightbox feature elegantly displays wedding moments.

A floating chat widget offers instant visitor engagement, and a handy back-to-top button ensures smooth navigation.

The contrasting footer background enhances visual appeal, making business and contact details pop.

Note: A back-to-top button can be an excellent solution for better UX if you’re not using a floating navigation bar.

Why we chose it: Weddings By Shannon’s portfolio sports a combination of a full-width parallax banner, user-friendly features, and a beautifully curated image grid.

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16. Pien

Built with: Wix

pien geerlings one page website

Pien’s portfolio website is a remarkable example of stylish web design, featuring a sleek one-page layout that encapsulates efficiency and style.

Unique to its design are three floating sidebar dots, acting as intuitive guides through each section, enhancing the user journey.

The inclusion of a lightbox gallery allows for an enticing viewing of Pien’s work, while a neatly integrated vertical slider beside the contact form adds an elegant, interactive touch.

This combination of elements results in a seamless and engaging browsing experience.

Note: Creating a one-page portfolio website makes skimming through your works and services faster. (Here are some more terrific one-page website examples.)

Why we chose it: Pien’s portfolio pushes excellence with its one-page layout, intuitive navigation dots, and elegant integration of a lightbox gallery and vertical slider.

17. Studio Bonny

Built with: Wix

bonny small business website

Studio Bonny’s portfolio website is a testament to the power of minimalism and impactful design.

The above-the-fold section is straightforward, featuring a solid background paired with one powerful sentence that immediately captivates visitors. Its transparent navigation bar adds to this minimalist ethos, ensuring seamless content exploration.

The scrolling content loading and animated thumbnails bring a lively quality to the presentation of their work.

A simplistic footer, featuring only essential copyright information and an Instagram icon, underscores the site’s clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Note: Going with a minimalistic design is always a good decision.

Why we chose it: Studio Bonny’s portfolio combines a powerful introductory statement, dynamic content loading, and a clean aesthetic for a memorable online presence.

18. Bridge Investment Group

Built with: Wix

bridge investment group consulting website

Bridge Investment Group’s portfolio website greets visitors with an inviting video banner above the fold, accompanied by concise text and a clear call-to-action (CTA) button.

Its navigation bar is designed to smartly disappear and reappear based on the user’s scrolling direction, enhancing usability. Plus, the drop-down menu and accessibility configurator further elevate the site’s functionality.

A modern slider effectively presents the group’s strategies, showcasing their expertise engagingly and interactively. (There’s also a back-to-top button, but might not even be necessary because of the reappearing navbar.)

Note: Do you want to reach even more people? Integrate an accessibility configurator so everyone can adjust your site’s appearance.

Why we chose it: Bridge Investment Group’s portfolio integrates visual elements like a video banner and modern slider with smart navigation features, offering an accessible user experience.

19. Bella & Bloom

Built with: Wix

bella and bloom wix example

Bella & Bloom’s portfolio website is a beautiful ode to feminine design, boasting a light, airy aesthetic permeating its header, base, and footer.

The site features a floating header that adds a touch of elegance and convenience, ensuring easy navigation.

A sticky chat widget is thoughtfully placed, offering instant interaction for visitors.

Parallax backgrounds throughout the site create a sense of depth and movement, boosting the visual experience.

An Instagram feed elegantly positioned below the footer perfectly integrates social media, showcasing the latest posts.

Note: Introduce your personality through your portfolio’s design (colors, typography, etc.).

Why we chose it: Bella & Bloom’s portfolio catches the eye with its beautifully feminine design, seamlessly integrating elegant features like a parallax background and social media feed.

20. Nathalie Lete

Built with: Wix

nathalie lete artist portfolio website

Nathalie Lete’s portfolio website is captivating with its artistic flair, featuring a unique background pattern that sets a whimsical tone.

The homepage is adorned with delightful graphics, doubling as intuitive navigation links, which guide visitors through her world of creativity.

The absence of a traditional header and footer emphasizes the immersive art experience, drawing focus solely on her work.

The lightbox portfolio elegantly displays her pieces, allowing for detailed viewing and appreciation of each artwork, further accentuating the site’s charm and Nathalie’s distinctive artistic style.

Note: Take things to the next level by introducing your custom-drawn graphics for an added personal touch.

Why we chose it: Nathalie Lete’s portfolio uniquely showcases her artistic vision, combining a whimsical background, graphic-based navigation, and a lightbox portfolio.

Don’t forget to check these fantastic art portfolio websites for more stunning examples.

21. Jennifer Xiao

Built with: Wix

jennifer xiao artist portfolio website

Jennifer Xiao’s portfolio website is a splendid showcase of custom design and interactivity.

The homepage is adorned with bespoke graphics that mimic clickable buttons on hover, adding an engaging, tactile feel to the digital experience. An animated “Jennifer Xiao” text is central to the design, lending a personal and dynamic touch.

The portfolio section features a thoughtful hover effect, revealing the name of each project, which not only enhances user engagement but also provides a neat and organized presentation of her work, reflecting Jennifer’s meticulous attention to detail and creativity.

Note: Cool and catchy graphics and animations – when you don’t overdo it – can work wonders.

Why we chose it: Jennifer Xiao’s portfolio distinctively fuses custom interactive graphics and elegantly animated text, offering a playful yet informative work showcase.

22. Atelier Tinika

Built with: Wix

atelier tinika art portfolio website

Atelier Tinika’s portfolio website starts with a multi-part header that efficiently houses menu links, a language selector, and a shopping cart.

Sticky Instagram and Pinterest icons offer constant social connectivity on the left side. The innovative design features three images blended into a charming banner above the fold, drawing visitors in.

A well-organized blog grid and a heartfelt testimonial section add richness and participation.

The site concludes with a newsletter subscription form in the footer, surrounded by essential links.

Note: Stick your social media icons to the top or the side of the screen, so visitors don’t have to search for them when wanting to connect with you.

Why we chose it: Atelier Tinika’s portfolio combines a multi-functional header, sticky social media, and visually stunning design elements for a comprehensive and captivating web presence.

23. June Digan

Built with: Wix

june digan wix portfolio example

June Digan’s portfolio website features a stunning parallax banner that adds a dynamic layer of depth as visitors scroll.

The transparent header contributes to the site’s neat, modern feel with must-have links and social icons.

The large portfolio grid is thoughtfully designed, with each clickable element leading to individual project pages for detailed viewing. Also, animated thumbnails bring each piece of her portfolio to life, enticing viewers to explore more.

A basic footer with social media and email icons provides essential contact links, wrapping up the user experience nicely.

Note: Use individual portfolio project pages for a more in-depth presentation of your work and process.

Why we chose it: June Digan’s portfolio joins a dynamic parallax banner, interactive animated thumbnails, and a comprehensive portfolio grid for an engaging and visually appealing showcase.

How To Make A Portfolio Website With Wix

  • Sign up/login to Wix: Start by going to the Wix website. If you’re new, sign up for an account; if you already have one, just log in.
  • Choose a portfolio template: Select “Create New Site” and choose the portfolio category. Browse through the portfolio templates and pick one that suits your style and needs.
  • Customize your template: Use the Wix Editor to customize your chosen template. You can change text, colors, fonts, and layouts. Drag and drop elements to rearrange the page as you like.
  • Add your content: Upload your work, such as images, videos, or documents. Create galleries, slideshows, or individual project pages to showcase your work effectively.
  • Optimize for SEO: Utilize Wix’s SEO features to ensure your portfolio ranks well on search engines. This includes adding keywords, meta descriptions, and alt text for images.
  • Preview and test your site: Use the preview feature to see how your site looks and functions. Test all links, forms, and navigation to ensure they work correctly.
  • Publish your portfolio: Once satisfied with your site, click “Publish” to make your portfolio live. Share the URL on your social media and professional networks.
  • FAQs About Wix Portfolios

    How to create a portfolio on Wix?

    Start by signing up on Wix, choosing a portfolio template, and using the drag-and-drop editor to add and organize your content.

    What are the best templates for Wix portfolios?

    Wix offers various templates; the best choice depends on your field (e.g., photography, graphic design) and personal style. Explore the template gallery for options.

    Can I customize my Wix portfolio?

    Yes, Wix portfolios are highly customizable. You can change layouts, color schemes, fonts, and more to match your branding and style.

    Can I sell my work directly from my Wix portfolio?

    Yes, you can set up an online store on your Wix portfolio to sell your work, using Wix’s eCommerce features and payment integrations.

    How to optimize a Wix portfolio for SEO?

    Use Wix’s built-in SEO tools to add meta tags, alt text for images, and utilize keywords relevant to your work for better search engine visibility.

    How can I protect my work on my Wix portfolio?

    Wix offers features like right-click disable, watermarking images, and setting password protection for certain pages to help protect your work online.

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